How Jampp helped Deliveroo go 100% programmatic

Case Studies Apr 10, 2018

The power of programmatic and predictive technology, unlocked.

“Eating” is a pretty consistent (and regular) need for most humans and the lifestyles of most economically active adults are such that cooking at home has become the exception rather than the rule.

Being able to order food with a mobile app appears to be the ultimate use case for smartphones, as location and ease of use are essential to the experience.

The combination of all these factors has created an unprecedented opportunity for food delivery apps to thrive and, in doing so, also resulted in an extremely competitive vertical.

Working with over 30,000 riders and 20,000 restaurants to deliver delicious dishes in over 140 cities across 12 countries, Deliveroo is one of the leading contenders in the space.

Going 100% Programmatic for Personalization and Transparency

Deliveroo wanted to completely cut-off ad network inventory and focus on programmatic advertising for both user acquisition and retargeting, in order to get full transparency and control over ad spend.

Programmatic buying for performance marketing requires not only a technology platform but also deep knowledge of how to implement and optimize campaigns. Deliveroo needed a comprehensive programmatic partner they could trust to test and refine buying and optimization in a performance context.

The Challenge

Naturally, Deliveroo wanted to achieve and maintain a positive ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) throughout the transition. Ultimately, this meant developing a new way of measuring success on campaigns. In other words, finding the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to focus on and understanding that the metrics would be different from previous ones.

Performance Campaigns a la carte

Initial Test Phase

The campaign started off with an exploration phase with full visibility on the tested channels. This allowed Jampp’s Machine Learning Algorithms to identify the best inventory for the app, and to determine how, when, and where to show ads to potential customers to drive key conversions.

Full Transparency and Agile Reporting

Throughout the campaign, Jampp and Deliveroo worked closely to identify pain points and opportunities in each market. The additional data available from programmatic has facilitated highly targeted activity with the ability to report on details such as impressions per unique user per day.

Eat more amazing with Deliveroo

ROI Optimization

Part of the collaboration involved introducing a new user segmentation strategy aimed at reducing possible cannibalization of organic conversions, this was achieved by combining a a deep analysis of View-Through Attribution windows with granular ROAS analysis.

Delivered Results

What marketers can learn from Deliveroo

  • Rethink KPIs: Campaign success can only be tracked accurately by measuring specific goals against specific KPIs. Programmatic campaigns have a lot more variables than traditional mobile marketing campaigns, so it’s important to understand which metrics to use.
  • Transparency is real: There is no reason for a DSP not to share impression level data. Advertisers should be able to see where their ads are shown and how each publisher performs in terms of the desired conversions/ KPIs.
  • Explore, Learn, Grow… and be patient: The initial exploration phase doesn’t always look good in the beginning, but it’s necessary for machine learning technology to gather data and predict when, where, and how much to bid in order to target the most relevant users, at the most relevant time, with the most relevant message.
  • Self-Service may be good for branding but not for performance: The ability to predict and calculate the ideal bidding price (and the decision on when to bid) is not something that can be done manually. Jampp’s platform takes into account hundreds of variables that are constantly being fed and the algorithm takes a long tail/granular approach with each impression and device ID.

Want to learn more?

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