In Data we Trust: What it means to be a Data Ops Analyst in adtech

Company Jun 28, 2018

Jampper stories round two. In this second edition, our amazing Data Ops Analytics Manager, Pamela Corvino tells us what she’s learned about working in Data Operations, What’s it like to manage a data team in Adtech? What does a Data Ops Analyst do at Jampp?

Data Operations Analytics Manager sounds like a mouthful 😬 can you tell us a little more about your current role? What’s a typical day for you?

As a Data Ops Analyst, I work very closely with both the Account Managers (AMs) and our Tech Data Team. I actually joined Jampp as an AM, and it’s been really useful to have that background and know-how. A few months into the job, I started participating in different multidisciplinary Squads and Projects until we developed a dedicated Data Operations Team. The change from Ops to Data Ops basically meant switching the lense from individual customer goals and challenges to the business itself. We create and build data visualizations and reports based on underlying data models. Simply put, we analyze lots of different variables to understand how performance varies by vertical, dates, geos, creatives etc and translate it into actionable insights our customers can use to get better results.

I don’t have too many typical days.

What challenges do you face in this role?

Staying up to speed with customers and our Business Operations Team’s needs is a big challenge. Data powers our technology, we need to leverage data constantly while our customers grow, in order to show results and test/ dismiss theories.

Additionally, we are constantly trying to shed light on different aspects of the campaigns. Performance campaigns are complex — there’s a lot of data to work with, we analyze over 20 billon events in app per month and we want to make sure we are providing interesting insights to our customers. So, thinking out of the box is a real (and fun) challenge!

How do you overcome those challenges?

👀 Looking for references all the time (inside and outside Jampp).

🤓 Studying. A lot.

❓ Asking for help.

“I think it’s really important to be humble, and recognize when you don’t know how to do things, or simply need a different point of view.”

What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on lately?

We have been working a lot on Uplift Tests lately. These studies allow advertisers to understand the impact of our retargeting campaigns, by showing how many incremental purchases we provide for their business that wouldn’t have otherwise occurred.

On a more personal note, building a team is an ongoing project and I’m enjoying everything about it: defining processes and profiles for new team-members, outlining tasks and priorities, implementing automated reports, etc… Developing a team from scratch and making it work is definitely exciting! 😄

What do you look for when hiring for your team?

It’s not just your knowledge or your previous experience, but the way you talk and think about that. Curiosity, humility and good vibes are a must. We are a small but quickly growing team, so we want to be sure that we include the right energy. While you can learn technical aspects with on-the-job trainings, it’s vital to find someone with the right attitude and mindset for Jampp.

Ok, so backing up a little, how did you get here? Can you tell us a little about your prior experience before joining Jampp.

Before Jampp, I worked for some well-known multinational companies in different industries in Demand Planning. At first, I thought “the bigger, the better”. Graduated as an industrial engineer, I was eager to work on improving processes, time-deltas, stock movements, resource management, etc BUT after a few years, I realized that “the bigger, the slower”. I’m really grateful that I got the chance to work in those companies because I learned a lot there, but I like that the mobile world moves really fast, and you can really see the impact of what you’re working on.

“We can not wait for all the bureaucracy around the world to change things because if we wait, we will be always running behind the carrot and we will never get it”.

What made Jampp the right fit for you?

At Jampp, if you have an idea, you have the space to test it. You can always count on Jamppers to ping pong ideas and help implement them or, on occasion, explain why you can’t do something.

I love that it’s so dynamic. The industry is dynamic, so our product is dynamic, and so is our team. The team is new and it’s growing and it’s amazing to see the results of our work. It’s inspiring to see how we are constantly increasing knowledge and improving tools, taking daily tasks to another level.

It all comes down to trust. Trust lies at the heart of everything we do at Jampp. Ultimately, it’s the trust in the people you work with — in their knowledge and their intentions; that makes Jampp a truly dynamic and nurturing space where you can learn.

Random fact about yourself?

Where to start? I guess if I had to mention 3, I’d say people might be surprised to learn:

  • I played volleyball in the Argentinian National Team when I was young
  • I’m a big fan of Anime and Japanese culture
  • I take care of stray cats and dogs and help them find a family

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