It’s a real Jamppgle out there

Company Dec 29, 2014

The team has been growing quickly (in 2014 we went from 15 to 32 jamppers, and opened offices in San Francisco and Sao Paulo!) so the event was a great opportunity for everybody to come together. 
Being the overachievers that we are, we wanted to organize an event that would (also) prepare us for the challenges ahead. The mobile market is growing wildly and changing quickly, so we decided to brave the challenge and head to the Jamppgle… or something like it.

The event had us step into our client’s shoes for a couple of days to further understand the business. And since a little competition goes a long way, we split into 4 different teams…we all looked over the same set of “issues” and then competed to design an app that best solved one of those problems. Luckily, at Jampp creativity is in no short supply!

The Jampp App Hackaton was officially on, and everybody wanted to win it.

We also had the first ever Jampp Award Ceremony, where we clAPPed for our first Jamppion of the world and other team members who went above and beyond. Each award represented one of our core values.

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