Say hello to Jampp’s Pets

Company Feb 20, 2018

Jamppers love their pets. Time and again, they have shared snaps and anecdotes of their pawed pals. After one of them visited our HQ office, everybody started sending pics of their own pets on what ended up being a very, very, very long email thread. Fast-forward a couple of years, the team grew, we moved to a new office, we adopted Slack, and of course multitudinous slack channels… where proud Jampp parents once again started showing off their pets and their quirky tastes. It sparked our curiosity and being the data geeks that we are, we decided to do a quick survey to learn a little more about them.

Turns out the sales team is the most pet-friendly. Unsurprisingly, Sales Pets are as sociable, articulate and persuasive as their 2-legged friends.


Proud member of our sales team, Sammy participated in our Sales-Fari, taking notes at meetings and racing the team to the top of Chapman’s Peak. Can be spotted at our Cape Town office — need to get him some Jampp sunglasses!


Sales Jamppers are used to sporting Jampp swag and Syringe takes the promo work very seriously. Here she is looking too cool for school in a mini Jamppers Tee — Ltd Edition


Proud instagrammer with over 2000 followers. This handsome Parson Russell Terrier is a frequent visitor at our London office.

We do have a few cool cats as well…



But full disclosure… in the cat vs dog bout… it’s puppies FTW.

Some other cool learnings from our survey…

We like apps, they like naps

“Couldn’t find a couch so I slept on photos of couches instead.” — Angie

Say cheeese

Turns out our pets are more veggie-friendly than most jamppers…

Yeah, we thought Yoghurt was pretty weird too, but hey you like what you like, right?

When we’re not looking, they be like…

They were all pretty unique in how they spend their free time, but here are some of our favorite responses.

As you can see Jamppers love pets. If you are entrepreneurial, naturally curious and pet friendly ;) we’d love to meet you.Think you could earn a place here? Hit us with your best shot; we’re always listening. Apply for the coolest jobs in programmatic app marketing at