Using Jampp’s new dashboard

Product Dec 22, 2015

We’re excited to unveil our revamped campaign analytics dashboard. In case you haven’t taken it for a spin yet, here’s a highlight of our Dashboard’s newest features.

What’s new?

Traditionally, mobile app advertisers started their marketing strategies with a primary focus on acquiring the largest number of users at the lowest possible cost. However, the industry has evolved, and the priority has shifted to attaining engaged people who complete in-app conversions. While “number of installs” is still a relevant metric, acquisition is no longer the main focus, engagement is. Keeping this in mind, our update focuses on providing more viewability on event status and performance metrics such as CPA.

Real-time CPA analysis and event status

The new dashboard allows you to review the Cost Per Action in real time, throughout the optimization process.

By default the dashboard will show you the key event’s performance, but you can view and analyze any event. It’s as easy as going to the metrics menu and selecting the event you wish to see, the dashboard will automatically calculate the CPA for that specific event.

Additionally, we included a feature that lets you review the status of the event data we are receiving at any time. This means you will always know the last time we received a user event to verify there are no interruptions.

Advanced performance analytics and cohort reports

Create cohort reports to review engagement over time. Easily analyse the retention of recently acquired users, as well as the engagement of specific user groups within the app. 
We’ve also added a feature for you to access event data in a time log format, this is particularly useful if you’ve just set up your postbacks and want to see that they are all coming through to us. Log reporting is key for quick troubleshooting.

Shareable data

You can now share your campaign data with other members of your team . For example, you can send your director our link to the exact report you are viewing on your dashboard to review. Additionally, you can export data to share with your own dashboard or integrate it with a custom reporting structure.

For more information, contact your campaign manager, or get in touch here.

Written by: Julia Rodríguez Ribas