Why Company Culture Matters: Connecting Global Teams

Company Aug 20, 2019

Working for a global company when you’re not at HQ

In the latest edition of our Jampper Stories, Alfredo de Franceso Filho, a.k.a Fred, shares what it’s like working in the Revenue Operations Team as Strategic Account Manager from our Brazil office in São Paulo.

Tell us a little about your prior experience before joining Jampp

Before joining Jampp, I worked at different companies in the Mobile Advertising industry, so even before joining, I already knew that Jampp had a great team. Following my passion for the growth challenges of mobile apps, I joined Criteo’s Sales Team, but moved on when I realized the sales role wasn’t really aligned with my skills and career interests.

After that, I joined an early stage startup called Flowsense, that was later nominated as one of the top 10 big data startups in Brazil. They have an SDK and help app companies to improve their CRM channels. Here, I gained valuable experience in better understanding the use of geolocation data and user profiling.

All in all, really useful experience for my role at Jampp!

Do you remember your first day at Jampp? What was that like?

Yes! I vividly remember my first day at Jampp. As I joined the team in São Paulo, Jampp flew me to HQ in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for 1 month of onboarding and training ✈️.

When I arrived at our office building, Killian Mccabe (my buddy) was waiting to greet me downstairs. Every time a new member joins Jampp, a buddy is assigned to that new jampper. It’s really useful, especially for the first few days when you don’t know anyone nor the office. The idea is to have someone who can help you with any questions you might have about Jampp (or practical stuff like where the good places for lunch are 🍔). Killian introduced me to everyone and gave me an office tour. I remember everyone greeted me in a warm and friendly way. After that, we went for coffee and started the “official” onboarding.

The great thing about this one month onboarding process is that it really makes you feel part of the team. You can tell that jamppers put a great deal of effort into making it a seamless experience.

What else do you remember from the Onboarding?

Luckily, lots of things 😉

I remember the first training session was a “Blue Book with the founder” that was given by Martin Añazco. This presentation includes a quick history of Jampp, and a deep dive into the company culture and values: how and why we do things the Jampp way.

For me, it was like getting a glimpse of Jampp’s DNA straight from the founders. I was genuinely impressed by the founders’ effort to participate in the onboarding of all new members, even after some years of operation. It really shows how much they value each new member.

After the Blue Book, you have trainings, or 101s, with each team. It doesn’t matter which team you join, you meet with the manager from each area so that by the end of the onboarding you have the “big picture” of who does what, and how the different teams work together to make Jampp work.

And after all that, you went back to São Paulo. How do you stay connected to the team?

Short answer? Slack. We use Slack everyday, not just for calls and regular business updates but also to celebrate team milestones and birthdays. We even have channels like #random and #tune-of-the-day which aren’t really work-related but good to connect with people from other teams and offices.

But it’s not just slack, there are lots of ways that we “stay connected”:

  • ✈️ We fly to HQ every 2–3 months, and different team members come to São Paulo too.
  • 🙌 Every quarter we all join the All Hands. It’s a meeting with literally everyone in the company, where we go over the highlights of the quarter, and then review the challenges, opportunities and OKRs for the next quarter. It helps us to have a clear, aligned vision on the company’s present and future. Sometimes we fly to HQ, other times we connect via hangouts (the setup gets better each quarter!). The point is that everybody participates and even in the remote offices we try to make a little event out of it (breakfast, lunch or drinks depending on the time!).
  • 🏆 Team events are also really important. There’s big events like the EOY Jampp Camp where the entire company is together in one place, and smaller ones organized for each team . We literally just had the team offsite for the Revenue Team, where the Sales and Account Managers from all our global offices came together for an intense week of training and planning (and also fun activities!). Even when it’s a “simple” team-activity like a bowling tournament or arcade games competition, every office participates by having the event on the same day, with the same swag! We then all share photos of each local edition on slack!
The Revenue Team at their latest offsite

So what about your role at Jampp… What’s a typical day for you?

I’m a Strategic Account Manager, that means I’m responsible for understanding our main customers’ needs, defining the best products for their strategies and maximizing their results 📈.

As for typical… it’s hard to say. Some days/weeks are more focused on meetings with our customers, listening and learning about their goals and challenges; others are more about building new strategies and then analyzing the results of these cycles.

One of the things I enjoy the most is being able to take on different roles with different teams which is key to continue learning new skills.

What challenges do you face in this role?

Our main challenges are defining/helping customers’ strategies in a very complex and competitive scenario.

At the same time, building trustful and transparent relationships in an industry that doesn’t have the best reputation due to fraud and fragmented information.

How do you overcome those challenges?

It’s a team effort. I know our Product and Partners team are constantly working on features and integrations that can offer more insights for our customers. A lot of time also goes into explaining all those features and integrations to us in the Revenue Team (both Sales and Account Management) to ensure we can share them with our customers.

It doesn’t matter which Jampp Office you’re working from, we all work very closely with the other teams.

As for strategy… I think it’s really important to listen. It’s great to be in the same city as our customers and be able to meet and really talk about what they want to do.

How do you keep growing and learning?

By reading and doing some online courses. I really like reading business books and some books we have in Jampp’s library are great classics 📚, which gives you a different perspective on the challenges we face.

My favorite ones are "From Zero to One” by Peter Thiel and "Shoe Dog” by Phil Knight".

The first one provides a good framework to understand the world of startups and think of new ways to drive success. Shoe Dog is Phil Knight’s autobiography, it’s the story of how he founded Nike and it’s pretty impressive because it shows all the ups and downs (which were downs most at the time) of building a company. This isn’t always represented in the media and I like how in a way it demystifies startups and sheds light on all the difficulties being an entrepreneur implies.

It’s also been interesting to attend industry events, both conferences and smaller ones that we’ve hosted. It’s always insightful to hear what other companies are doing and their takes on the industry.

Fred at the last edition of Jampp’s App Marketers Unplugged event hosted in Twitter’s Office in São Paulo.

You’re obviously interested in our industry, but why Jampp? What makes this role perfect for you?

Shared values. I see myself sharing the same values as the people at Jampp which ensures we are more aligned on how we work. I could list them all, but if I had to highlight one it’d be “We think big and long term”, this means:

“Building long lasting relationships with our customers, partners and team will always win over short term outcomes”.

I love this, not only because it helps us to build products our customers truly need but also because I think it really communicates the spirit of always thinking and acting as a team.

Jamppers enjoying a bite after the Arcade Game Tournament 👾

Last but not least what do you look for when hiring for your team? 📋

As our industry is always evolving and changing, I always look for curious people. Can they show that they like to learn new things? I’d rather focus on how much they dig into stuff they’re interested in, than in specific skill sets which can be learned later on.

Wrapping up…

  • Random fact about yourself: Since I was a teenager, I’ve been a huge fan of football video games, so much that I have all FIFAs from 2005 to 2019 and was a semi-finalist in my university FIFA championship. 🏆
  • Favorite entrepreneur quote? Hm, there are some quotes I really like, one of them is:
“People are the most important thing. Business model and product will follow if you have the right people.” -Adam Neumann, Co-founder of WeWork
  • What app is a lifesaver: For me, as I recently moved to my own apartment, iFood and Rappi are my two best friends!
  • Jampp in 3 words: Innovative, supportive and friendly
  • Working for a tech company is like…Working in a world that has a faster-paced reality. Challenges and responsibilities that would come only after a couple of years in traditional industries, happen in months or even /weeks in tech companies. Because of that, you have to learn and, equally important, unlearn things everyday.

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